Dawn Chorus came together in the summer of 2014, when Stam and Ben chanced on each other in a village cafe not far from Grasse in France. Ornella, known as Nelly, completed the trio with her delightful, emotive voice.

Folk as we know it is rare in the south-east of France, but, after the rather mixed first gig in Sophia Antipolis, they recorded some songs to cement their style and were accepted to play on the Danny Kyle Open Stage in the Glasgow concert hall in January 2015.

The trio then performed for the Umefolk Festival in Sweden, the Green Note in London, Orpington in Kent then in Nice and Cannes.

In 2017 Nelly left the band.

In her place Stam and Ben were pleased to welcome Zoe Wren [who is also forging her own path in folk music].

Following that, the ‘new’ Dawn Chorus was warmly welcomed at home in France in November 2017 by the local village in Vianges.

Invigourated by Zoe’s freshness, the new Dawn Chorus was back in Glasgow during January 2018, eager to share the new found inspiration and harmony that so naturally flows as the three take to their instruments!

A larger audience and a full Ibis Styles Glasgow revelled in the Burns Night celebrations. They asked for more! Wonderful people, poets and participants – giving lovely comments you can read in the ‘upcoming’ pages!

2018 has been full. They took on another ‘festival’ of National importance to cover, but the truly global one – St Patrick’s.

This was in Cannes where the band were invited to play for the mayor of Cannes.


Another weekend of gigs in Burgundy in late Spring 2018 added a wealth of fans. The mayor of Musigny with the townsfolk and the roaring young crowd in the Irish Pub Autun gave the band the huge Burgundy Bravo. This, it is said, is the finest regional compliment for any artist or chef !

The summer of 2018 was very full; 10 days of 5 gigs, 2 recording sessions (new e.p begun) plus travel from the Cote d’Azur to the Cote d’Or and Burgundy.

Adding the lovely Nataly from Colombia on guitar has been a huge boost. Her lyrical yet energetic acoustic guitar melted smoothly into the band’s style. Vocals from her soon.


All four enjoyed the marvellous receptions and echoing, reassuring praise.

Please have a look at the upcoming page for details.