Dawn Chorus

Based in Burgundy, Dawn Chorus is a truly international collection of musical artists hailing from Africa, Colombia, France and London.

Although they have raised the roof (and almost merry hell) across much of France, Scotland, Sweden and England with familiar folk tunes, the band do play their own songs whose content range from alcoholism to cross-dressing, the disappeared to migrants.

They always ensure Hope rings through.

Constantly working on rich harmonies, using the textures and range of the cello, sometimes 3 guitars and off beat percussion plus surprises, they constantly seek to cross genres but – consciously stay in touch with the audience as they go.

Laughter and rich appreciation have rung out wherever they’ve performed.

Benjamin – cello – born on the Cote d’Azur, based in Geneva, vegan, red wine, politics.

Zoe – vocals, guitar, whistle – born and lives in London, trying hard for a veggie life, GT’s.

Stam – guitar, ukulele (Glaswegian teacher), vocals, African born, lives in Burgundy, no red meat but red wine!

Nataly – guitar, percussion – born in Colombia, based Geneva, vegan and is taking up the mandolin.

The 1st e.p is called Early Notes and the next, due for launch in January 2019 will be called ‘For Longer’.

Photo: Lange Vert